Creating New Accounts on the Parent Portal

1.    You will need the following to create a Parent Portal Account

a.       A valid email address

b.    A computer or mobile device with Internet access

2.      Open your internet browser and go to the Central Unified home page @ 
From the menu list at the top of the page, select
‘Parents → Parent Portal

3.      Click on the ‘Create new account’ link at the bottom of the login window to

Step1 - Account Type

Please select the appropriate account type.  Unless you are a CUSD Student, you should select ‘Parent’, then click ‘Next’

Step 2 - Account Information

Enter and confirm your Email Address and select an account Password, then click ‘Next’

Step 3 - Email Verification

The Parent Portal system will send you a confirmation email.  To activate your Parent Portal account, you must do one of the following:

1.    Click the ‘Confirm This Email Address’ link in the confirmation email you receive

2.    Enter the Email Code from the confirmation email into the Email Verification form.

Final Step - Login to Portal

Once you have confirmed your email address, return to the Parent Portal login page and log in to the system using the same email address and password from Step 2 above.

Linking your Parent Portal Account to your Student’s Data

If you have never linked your Parent Portal account with student data, you will be prompted to do so at first login.

If you already have a student on your account, and need to add another student select 'Change Student -> Add New Student to Your Account' from the Parent Portal menu bar.

Step 1 - Student Verification

You will need to enter the following information which can be found on your student’s Parent Portal Letter:

·         Student’s Permanent ID Number

·         Student’s Home Telephone Number

·         Parent Verification Code
(PLEASE NOTE, this is not the EMAIL CODE you used to verify your email address)

If you need a new copy of your student’s Parent Portal Letter, you can obtain a copy at the school office, or request that the site mail a new copy to the student’s verified mailing address.  For student safety and per district policy information from the Parent Portal letter cannot be faxed, emailed, or give out over the phone.

Step 2 - Emergency Contact Verification

Once you have verified your data, you will be show a list of your student’s contacts.  If you name is on the list, please select it, so that we can update the email address field for that contact.  Otherwise, select ‘None of the above’

Step 3 - Process Complete

You have now successfully linked your Parent Portal account to your Student’s Data.  If you have another student you wish to link to, click the ‘Add Another Student to Your Account’ button